Many Thanks to Folks Like …

Desiree Meyskens and Facundo Del Pin!

The Alameda couple has finished organizing the building and financial support of a family in Santa Fe, Argentina, that really needed a home.

The young pair started with the wedding registry — to support the Silva family rather than collect gifts, about a year ago.

Now, they two are proud to announced that the house was finished in July — just before the rainy season started. And there are many new photos posted that show the hard work and give cause for celebration.

“Currently there are about 12 Silva family members living in the
three-bedroom house. Most of them are children and one newborn that was
born just after the house finished construction,” says Desiree.

“We know that this is still not optimal but, it is a huge improvement from their previous shanty home.  At their new home they have a gas stove and oven,
running water, a bathroom, electricity, a cement floor and a lot more,” she explains.

And, best of all, the home has given a new sense of community to people all over the world — or at least from Alameda to Argentina.

“The house also serves as a base for a group of volunteers that discovered the necessities of other families in the same neighborhood during the construction of the house,” notes Desiree. “This volunteer group has already started a number of new projects to help assist other local families in their domestic necessities.”

There is really only one thing to say, after such a fantastic endeavor: “You all gave us the best wedding present that we could have imagined,” shares Desiree.

And for all the Alameda readers who followed the story in the Alameda Journal and supported this effort — many additional thanks.