Will work for pay

If you’re un- or under-employed and looking for in-person fellowship with others in the same boat, there is a place for just that. Every Tuesday from 7 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. the Java Success Team meets at Javarama, 1333 Park Street.

The weekly meetings are moderated by Fred Garvey, who is among the victims of layoffs. Garvey, who attended the Employment Development Department’s Experience Unlimited sessions, which he highly recommends, says the meetings focus on keeping people invigorated in their job searches. Even odd jobs can help fill the gaps while looking for full-time work, he said.

The 90-minute meetings include 30 minutes of conference calls (via computer) to information technology specialists in India who have also found themselves in the same boat. The remainder is devoted to discussions and networking for those who attend the Java meetings. Recently, Garvey was able to hook up a plumber with someone who needed service.

While Garvey, an estimator and planner by trade, recommends people attend the Experience Unlimited program, held at the Employment Development Department in Oakland, it’s not required to attend the Java Success Team sessions. There is no charge to attend. Additionally, he has a Web site where people can register to upload their resumes. To prevent spam, he approves people who register, and then they are able to use the other benefits on the site, including links for job seekers. Garvey can also be reached at 510-521-3648.