Live at the Library – A Big Hit in Alameda!

Live at the Library

The first Live@theLibrary concert on Saturday, September 26 was sold out, and organizers are hoping for a similar turnout at the next two shows, set for October 24 and November 21.

This past Saturday, jazz singers Kathy Moehring, Barbara Brown, Kevin Brown and Rick Dougherty entertained the crowd, along with musicians Kelly Park, Sam Bevan and Jason Slota.

“Ticket sales are going well for the next show,” said Sue Coberg, a library supporter and concert volunteer. “And all the money raised from ticket sales goes to the library.”

The packed house of about 120 people was particularly pleasing to concert organizer Ruth Belikove. “This is so fun to see a home-grown concert series take off at this venue!” she said.

“This is good for the library and for Alameda, since it shows what the community can do,” Belikove added. “We just gave it a shot, and it turned out to be wonderful.”