Input from Ferry Riders Needed


The Alameda/Oakland and Harbor Bay ferries are seeking community input on how to improve customer access to the Alameda Main Street and Harbor Bay Ferry terminals.

The first public meetings is set for 5:15-7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 23, at Bay Farm Elementary School, 200 Aughinbaugh Way, in the Multi-Purpose Room; a second meeting will take place from 5:15-8 p.m. on Wednesday, June 25, at Maya Lin Elementary (near Main St. Ferry Terminal), 825 Taylor Ave, Multipurpose Room. (The second meeting has been moved to Maya Lin school from the Academy of Alameda.)

The public workshops aim to foster discussion about proposed improvements to the two ferry terminals.

For a look at the proposals, go to the San Francisco Ferry website, click on “News” and “June Workshops-Alameda.”

Those community members who cannot attend are asked to submit comments by July 30 to access_study@watertransit.org.

For the Main Street Ferry Terminal, specific improvements under consideration include steps to:
-Convert Dog Park to Ferry Parking, Relocate Dog Park to another City-owned site
-Open Officer’s Club Parking Lot to Ferry Commuter Parking
-Close Bike Lane Gap between Ferry Terminal and Singleton Avenue on Main Street
-Add Bicycle Racks and E-lockers
-Add Pedestrian Crossing to Main Street west of the Terminal entrance
-Reroute Existing AC Transit Local 31 bus to serve Main Street terminal
-Reroute AC Transit Transbay buses to serve Main Street terminal
-Implement New Shuttle Service linking nearby residential areas and Ferry Terminal

For the Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal, specific improvements under consideration include measures that would:
-Convert Undeveloped Lot Adjacent to Ferry Terminal to Ferry Parking
-Eliminate or Modify Parking Restrictions on the North Side of Adelphian Way
-Eliminate or Modify Parking Restrictions on the Sorth Side of Adelphian Way
-Add Bicycle Racks and E-lockers
-Reroute Existing AC Transit Local 21 bus to better serve residential areas near Ferry Terminal
-Reroute Transbay buses to serve Harbor Bay Ferry Terminal
-Expand Existing Shuttle Service to better link nearby residential areas and/or satellite parking lots with Ferry Terminal