Alameda Journal to go weekly

Well it’s not surprising given the bleak economic times and the changing face of the traditional news media that the parent publication of this blog, the Alameda Journal, is going weekly. (I’m told the Alameda Journal was the last of the regional papers in the East Bay MediaNews Group to hold on to twice weekly editions, anyway.) In any case, you’ll still be able to get the Journal on Fridays and it’ll continue to hold valuable news about our town/city/suburb/urban center/island, and I’m sure we can continue to discuss just which category Alameda falls in to. Oh! I know you’re wondering: the column I write, Life on the Island, will run every other week and, yes, I’m told I’m going inside…where I’ll be somewhat safe from the foot steps and sprinklers that tend to blur my copy and photo when the Journal is left in the driveway or on the front stoop too long.