More reasons to stick around town

Just a note of caution. If you’re going to have dinner out in Oakland, it’s going to cost more. Not for the food, but for the parking. Parking meter and parking pay station hours have been extended to 8 p.m. This was put into place along with an increase in the parking rates. Things really are tough all over. Let’s hope the same doesn’t happen in Alameda.


Just in: Video of car in Alameda-Oakland Estuary

Indeed, it is not each and every day that a car lands in the Alameda-Oakland Estuary. Here’s some video of the car and the Alameda Avenue homeowner under whose house the car is lodged. (The house is on the Oakland side of the estuary, just east of the Fruitvale Bridge.) My best guess is, come high tide, they’ll tow that car out.


Car in the Alameda-Oakland Estuary, driver safe

The early morning helicopters above Alameda were not, it turns out, because students were protesting budget cuts and not because of an accident on 880, but, rather, they were the news copters chasing down shots of a car in the estuary. A woman apparently drove off the road in Oakland near the Fruitvale Bridge around five this morning.

I went over to take some pictures (see below), and one of the camera guys—several networks were there—showed me Continue Reading