From Car Dealership to Art Space

Thanks to Leonard Goode, owner of the lot that used to house the Toyota dealership at Park Street and Clement, Alamedans can now enjoy a few classic cars and associated art work created by Alameda artist Philip Hall.

“I met the property owner, and we agreed that the space would be more rentable with something in it, rather than it being empty,” said Hall. “And Alameda now looks better because of it!”

With the empty spaces down near the Park Street Bridge, Hall felt the need to bring some life to the area.

“This is good for Alameda. This area used to be so vibrant, but without the car dealerships it can feel more like a ghost town to those entering the city,” he said. “It bothered me for so long.”

Fortunately, Goode feels the same way — it’s better to have car-themed art in the space than nothing at all. And Hall’s even added lighting.

“It’s about repurposing the space and trying to encourage people to reuse space for different things, so we can make the area more viabrant,” explained Hall, who has some work online.

For his art, which he calls fine-art photography, Hall works with photos of classic cars. He adds color and other features to the images.

Part of his inspiration are classic cars, like the Oldsmobile Cutlass, now occupying the car-themed space behind his work.

Such partnerships will hopefully inspire similar cooperation around this part of Alameda and throughout the Island.