Power Outages Cause Library Closure

The Alameda Free Library on Oak Street is closed Sunday, October 24, due to power outages.

The power outages took place around 1 p.m., lasting for only a few minutes in the area around the intersection of Park Street and Lincoln Avenue.

However, when more than 20 people asked to go back into the library at about 3 p.m., library staff told residents that they could not enter.

Children, teens and adults expressed their frustration with a staff member, but — despite the fact that the lights were on throughout the library — were told they were not allowed into the public facility.

We will email the library on Monday, October 25, to see if this is an official or “flexible” library policy, since a wet winter season is predicted for the library.

On a positive note, library staff cleaned chewing gum, coffee stains and other dirt on the sidewalk area in front of the popular building on Friday, October 22.