Alameda’s Crown Beach & Prop. 21


Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach is one of 278 states parks that stands to benefit from the proposed $18-a-year car tax that’s on the November 2 state ballot.

Today’s tough economic conditions may dampen Proposition 21’s chance of passing, since many voters may feel less than enthusiastic about another yearly state fee.

But if Prop. 21 does pass, visitors will be exempt from the $5 parking charge at the Alameda facility — as well as from $5-$15 charges for parking and using the state’s other 270-plus parks.

The thinking behind the proposition is that this would be a quick fix for the state parks — to the tune of, hopefully, at least $250 million and perhaps as much as $500 million.

Supporters say the parks and some wildlife-conservation areas are badly in need of maintenance and have no dedicated annual funding source.

Some other Alameda County areas that would benefit from Proposition 21 are Emeryville Crescent State Marine Reserve State Park and Lake Del Valle State Recreation Area.

For those who care about California’s parks and wildlife, it’s time to spread the word.