Sports Cards & Comics Store to Relocate

The Alameda Sports Cards & Comics shop at 1412 Park Street is planning an obituary — for the unique business it’s shared with the area for the past 24 years.

Due to issues regarding its lease and rental playments, the shop should be moving off Park Street in December.  It’s last day will most likely be December 26, so the current owner (Patty) says she plans to publish an obituary.

“Downtown is beautiful, but it’s time to move on,” she said. “It will be the death of a Park Street institution, but we hope to have an even better store in the future.”

The business has sold action comics, sports and other amusement cards, as well as sci-fi-themed items and lots of other entertaining products and memorabilia, for 12 years (since 1987) at its present location. And for the 12 years proceeding this span (1975-1987), it was located across the street at 1419 Park.

Stayed tuned for news about the store’s new digs in town.