Future of Alameda’s Peet’s in Play

There is a lot of buzz going on about Peet’s Coffee & Tea, which has a large roasting plant on Bay Farm and may be in talks about a merger with Starbucks.

The San Francisco Chronicle and lots of other new sources are covering this.

Peet’s stock dropped last week, when it was left out of a deal involving sales of single-serving coffee . But with the recent Starbucks-related rumors, its stock is “in play” again and rising.

A merger with Starbucks could certainly affect Peet’s operations, begging the questions: Would Peet’s keep the Alameda plant open after a deal? Would it keep its Park Street retail presence going in town?

Starbucks sells about $11 billion in coffee and other items in a year vs. about $335 million for Peet’s.

Students at Alameda High School who are members of the DECA marketing club have to keep up with trends affecting the food & beverage industry, according to supervisor JoAna Sydow, and this developing local, national and global story about the java trade is certainly eye-opening and educational.

Sydow says some members of the student-marketing group are traveling to a national marketing contest in Orlando next month. DECA members sold treats to those riding the Harbor Bay Ferry on Thursday, March 17, to help pay for the April trip.

It will be interesting to see what happens first — an announcement from Starbucks or news from the youth marketing contest.