Alameda Social Club to Stage Second Event

In March, Sanford Marshall (left), head of the Wedding Coach and SanMan Productions, launched the Alameda Social Club at Pappo Restaurant in cooperation with the restaurant’s owner John Thiel (right).

On Thursday, June 24, the Alameda Social Club is hosting summer event from 6 to 9 p.m. at Barceluna, 2319 Santa Clara Avenue.

The group says, “There is no better way to refresh in the summer than with a tantalizing cocktail, and Barceluna serves them up as fresh as they come … Come mingle with fellow Islanders, enjoy a sampling of nibbles, groove to beats by DJ Dro, and cozy up to the custom built bar for a refreshing libation.”

The cost for attending the event is $20 and that includes snacks, a cocktail (White Sangria, Mai Tai or a glass of wine).

Some proceeds will be donated to Girls Incorporated of the Island City, and space is limited to the first 125 guests. (In March, the group supported the Alameda Food Bank.)

To purchase tickets, go to the group’s website.

Around Town:

Rooster’s Roadhouse at Grand Street and Blanding Avenue has a new paint job. The joint hosts live music on weekends and features a big jazz band on Wednesday nights.

The nearby marina area was hit with an odd robbery recently. Someone stole recording tapes from a security camera or two.


Alameda’s Rooster Roadhouse: Teen Bands Take Stage

Rooster’s Roadhouse at the corner of Clement and Grand will be hopping tomorrow, January 30, from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Bands that include Alameda High School students will be taking the stage: A Conorted Smile, ThatJustHappened, Finish Ticket and DJ Madizon.

Tickets are $6-$10.

The bar features a big band every Wednesday night, which has some community members celebrating.

There’s quite a lot of talk online about the place, not all of it positive, but much of it coloful (like the place itself, or at least it’s reputation.) 

Let us know what you think of the bands and the scene there.