Prop. 8 passage means sorrow for many Alamedans

I interviewed Alamedan Amy Gorman just after the California Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage in a May decision. Below is a letter from her about her reaction to Tuesday’s passage of Proposition 8 which will, unless it is overturned by legal challenges, amend the state’s constitution to ban marriage between same gender couples (For the record, it looks like the “No On Eight” campaign has not yet conceded.):

Dear Friends,

Last Sunday night Sue and I celebrated our 17th anniversary. I paused to think about all we had been through together…birth and death….sickness and health, youth and middle age, joy and sorrow. I was confident that all Californians would acknowledge our life and we would move forward to plan our wedding once all this nonsense about equality was finalized at last. I am in a fog of both shock and outrage that so many would choose discrimination over equality. I feel foolish in waiting…as we should have gone to City Hall at the last minute as our friends did…”just in case”. It may take years, and many more notarized documents to cover our family so we may have some of the same rights as others. I thought for sure that society was past all this nonsense, that people were educated and respectful.

I want to sincerely thank all of you for your support of NO on Prop. 8 and your words of kindness today. Many of you did phone banking, wore buttons, and talked to neighbors. I appreciate your efforts and hope someday to live in a world where this issue is thought of as trivial and outdated (as segregation and bi-racial marriage are now). Last night was a wonderful moment in our history as we move forward in a hopeful new direction for our country. We made a point to take both our kids to the voting booth with us, in hopes that they may remember this day. I hope someday that Californians will correct this horrible error in judgment and acknowledge our 17 years.

Sincerest Thanks,