Theater Comes to Park Street

This Monday at 7 p.m., Autobody Fine Art — at 1517 Park Street — will host a free presentation by Alameda’s Virago Theatre Company.

The December 7 event features actors reading “Three Knocks” by Robert P. Marcus with direction by Robert Lundy-Paine. 

The actors are George McRae, Dennis McIntyre, Michaela Greeley, Jeremy Vik, Harold Pierce, Stephen Pawley, Laura Lundy-Paine and Brittany Kilcoyne McGregor.

“Three Knocks” is the story of a man who stands wrongly accused and fights against corrupt law enforcement at the risk of losing his family, love and life … the three knocks that changed him forever, according to Virago.

A discussion, as well as wine and cheese, will follow the presentation.