Across the Estuary: Restaurant Updates


Tiki Tom’s still has a “Now Open” sign up on the other side of the Park Street bridge. But that’s all that is left of the place (though we’ll always remember the big inflatable green frog that once decorated its rooftop).

Over the last day or two, what remained of the restaurant — after a three-alarm fire on October 7 pretty well destroyed it — was completely torn down.

The remnants of a boat that burned in the fire are located nearby in two spots along the Oakland side of the estuary.


Given all the complaints Oakland residents had over noise at Tiki Tom’s, it would be surprising if another bar or restaurant went up there any time soon.

(Tiki Tom’s had been in business along the waterfront for just a couple years. It moved opened at the site when Pier 29 switched to its current location at Ballena Bay.)

In a positive development, a new waterway is expected to connect the estuary with Lake Merritt in about a year or so.

This means that Island residents looking for new spots to enjoy a nice meal or a special drink can paddle, sail or even motor over to the Lake Chalet in Oakland, for instance, and other nearby venues.

Thanks to Lake Chalet General Manager Todd Stillman for the update.


Floating ‘Eyesores’ Off Alameda Drawing Attention


Local residents have been reaching out to authorities in and around Alameda in the hopes of getting some old vessels removed from San Leandro Bay, reports Kristin Bender of the Oakland Tribune.

The four abandoned watercraft are located down the estuary from (or south of) the Park Street Bridge, which is now the site of the burned out Tiki Tom’s restaurant and wharf, as well as past the Fruitvale and High Street bridges.

Some community members speculate that the vessles have been abandoned by a local marine-salvage operator.

Thanks to Deborah Finney and others for contacted various agencies to try to have the eyesores removed.

And thank you to Hillary Jones-Mixon of the Bay Area News Group for the photo.