Alameda’s R&B Cellars on View from the Bay

Two owners of  Alameda Point-based R&B Cellars will be on “View from the Bay”  this Monday, July 12. The show will be broadcast on ABC-7 at 3 p.m.

During the show, “View from the Bay” hosts Spencer Christian and Janelle Wang (left) will be taught to make Fortissimo Port Chicken by Barbara and Kevin Brown (right), the owners of R&B Winery.

The recipe calls for using R&B’s new port for the reduction sauce. Once the dish is done, it should be paired with R&B’s 2007 Napa Valley Zydeco Zinfandel. 

According to R&B, Fortissimo Port Chicken can be served with haricot vert (green beans) to create “a symphony of flavor with this economical and easy to make six-step recipe.”

Barbara and Kevin have been busy. They performed Friday night at Angela’s Bistro on Central Avenue.

And on July 31, they will be part of a special event, Urban Wine Experience, at Jack London Square.


Alameda Is in the News

Oak Street in Alameda has been a busy place for Bay Area TV stations this week.

On Friday afternoon, ABC 7’s “View from the Bay” filmed an interview with Jon Kosorek of Jon’s Street Eats at Oak and Santa Clara Avenue.

The gourmet-on-the-go chef was interviewed by Nick Smith at about 3 p.m., after an Alamedan tipped “View from the Bay” off to Jon’s yummy edibles.

The Alameda resident, Michelle, was glad to get the word out about Jon’s Street Eats mobile restaurant.

Jon is in Alameda every Wednesday and Friday from about 11:30 a.m.-2:30 p.m. He sells items like macaroni and cheese, salmon-steak sandwiches, grilled asparagus and more.  

Just across the street from Street Eats, the parking lot for the Alameda Police Department was active with TV vans like the one standing by for KRON 4 (NBC).

With the story about Max the dog going around the Bay Area and nationwide Thursday, after Max was stolen by his owners from the Alameda Animal Shelter on Fortmann Way, the Island has been in the media spotlight.

At least one of the dog owners/thieves – Richard Cochran – will be in court next week over the incident.