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Great America drowning: Who’s responsible?

By asoglin
Monday, July 16th, 2007 at 1:09 pm in Health & Safety.

We’ve seen a lot of discussion the last couple days on about the culpability of Great America vs. the responsibility of the mother for the drowning Thursday of a boy at the Santa Clara theme park.

A story published Saturday said:

What the family does know is that they are upset, [Yolanda] Flores said. They felt the park staff had not taken adequate steps to protect children in the pool.

“I only saw four” lifeguards, said Flores. “They should have had someone in the water. There was someone in the entrance but not in the water.”

She also said she felt the lifeguards may not have been paying attention.

“They could have saved his life if they did their jobs,” she repeated. “They didn’t do their jobs.”

This comment was typical of what many readers had to say:

Ridiculous! how can the mother blame GA? There is no way I would EVER let a 4-year old go into a pool like that without me RIGHT NEXT TO HIM the whole time. She expressed disbelief that he could drown in 2 feet of water? that right there shows a serious misunderstanding of children’s vulnerability.

One reader thought it was inappropriate to be pointing fingers at the mother:

Insensitive people! This mother you’re putting the blame on just lost her child. Look very hard and put yourself in this situation. The last thing you would want to hear is your opinion. Where is your compassion? Or perhaps you do not have children yourselves to be so cruel.

I understand where this last reader is coming from. However, in this case, the mother is pointing a finger at Great America, which was what prompted many of the readers to comment.

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