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BABY: Summer pregnancy survival

By asoglin
Thursday, July 19th, 2007 at 10:17 am in Babies & Tots.

Haven’t caught “Notes from the Underbelly” on TV yet, but we’ve been grinning over creator Risa Green’s blog on Mommy Track’d about working motherhood, hormone blasts and the emotional overload known as preschool graduation. So when we got an e-mail with her summer pregnancy survival tips, we just had to share. Ducky
Invest in a few pairs of nice flip flops, she says, because you’ll never get your feet into regular shoes. Spend time in the pool, where you’ll feel cool and, best of all, light. (And if you don’t have a pool, try to make friends with someone who does.) Keep telling yourself, “It’s just water weight. It’s just water weight.” And …
“When attending summer BBQs,” she adds, “take care not to stand near the grilled sausages. You don’t want people making comparisons to your fingers.”
Jackie Burrell

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