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BABIES: Baby name consultants?

By asoglin
Tuesday, July 24th, 2007 at 9:37 am in Babies & Tots.

Crying babyAnd to think we snickered over Fifi Trixibelle.

Celebrity baby names – Apple, Pilot Inspektor and Banjo – have long been the subject of smug parental giggles. But now, some non-celeb parents have become so obsessed with finding the perfect baby name, they’re not just buying the 80 baby name books published in the last three years, they’re hiring baby name consultants – kind of an offshoot from the corporate branding practice – at $95 to $350 a pop. We kid you not. The Wall Street Journal has a hilarious (well, we thought so, anyway) piece on the new trend. And we’d still be laughing except that the WSJ described one family, the Stones, who had planned to name their kid Flynn, until a baby name consultant suggested they go with something that didn’t sound so, oh, animated. Maybe there is a place for baby branders, after all.

So here’s our question to you, where did you find your baby’s name?
Jackie Burrell

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3 Responses to “BABIES: Baby name consultants?”

  1. Robyn McDonald Says:

    We’re naming our baby boy, due in November, Beau Edward. Beau becuase it’s not that common and neither one of us associate the name with anyone else. And Edward as a middle name after my husband’s father.

  2. Julie Says:

    I think Alena is fortunate to have such a nice family name to use for her son. We could not find many winning candidates for boys in our famiies, which include first names like “Ewald” (Sorry, Grandpa) and surnames like “Schnef” (sorry, Grandma). We went with Jesse and Joseph, just because we like those names. But now that I think about it, maybe it would have been fun to have little Ewald and Schnef to introduce around.

  3. Lisa Says:

    I’m glad that I had three boys and didn’t have to choose between Frederica, Ethel, Mathilda and Agnes.

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