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Backyard sports complex: sign of fatherly love or over the top?

By asoglin
Monday, August 27th, 2007 at 8:55 am in Other.

baseballSome Danville folks are raising a stink about a backyard sports field that was built without a permit. Aside from whether the lighted field with its artificial turf and 14-foot fence is legal or appropriate for the neighborhood, it raises a question of priorities.

According to a Times story published Sunday, “One neighbor said David Lowe told him he wanted to remain involved in his children’s sports programs, but his busy schedule didn’t permit him to make all the games. He built the $300,000 park, the neighbor said, as a way of bringing the games closer to home.”

As a kid I would have loved having a field like that in my back yard. But then again, we might not have had those quirky ballgames in “The Bowl,” an asphalt playground where you could hit homers (or were they ground-rule doubles?) into the tunnel.

In the reader comments attached to the story, PMW says:

I guess I’m a very poor parent. When I couldn’t make all my son’s games my response was “sorry son, that’s life”. I now see that I should have built him his own ballpark.

Hopefully he’s not scarred for life… ; )

For all I know, David Lowe takes a balanced approach and shows his kids that things like education, family and community service are more important than sports. But I like PMW’s message. When I go to my kids’ games, it shows them I care. When I miss a game, it sends a message that sports are not the most important thing in life.

Still, if I could afford to build a backyard ballpark …

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