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aPARENTLy Speaking: Alpha Moms on TV

By asoglin
Wednesday, August 29th, 2007 at 7:22 pm in TV.

tv2 We hear one of the big TV studios is looking for Alpha Moms for a new reality show, and we can only wonder about the premise, particularly given the casting parameters. They’re looking for SoCal moms with tight abs and gorgeous gams, who “made pregnant sexy – and bounced back in record time.” They want highly social, well-to-do women who think nothing of calling “any Neiman’s in the country to get THAT stroller” and who spend more on their kid’s birthday fete than a family vacation. Um, this is a reality show? We’re picturing a combination of “Stepford Wives” and “My Super Sweet 16 Months.”

So here’s the question: would you watch it?
Jackie Burrell

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