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Celebrity parent trainwrecks

By asoglin
Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 12:34 pm in Just Bizarre.

I need to confess a guilty parenting pleasure: I can’t stop reading about celebrities and their children.

When I was pregnant with my first child, I scoured magazines comparing my quickly expanding girth to stars due around the same time. When I found out that Kate Hudson packed on 60 pounds with Ryder, I gloated that I only gained about 45 with Lacy. When it came time to lose “the baby weight,” as Hollywood likes to call any extra poundage on a famous mother’s body postpartum, I sadly knew that without a personal cook and trainer, it would take me WAY longer than a few weeks to slim down after my second child. It took two years, actually! Sigh.

438274956_ed4a9c477b_mSo now I can’t keep my eyes off the family known around the world — the brood of Brad and Angelina. Articles come out daily quoting “unnamed sources close to the family” detailing the disasters of their tagteam parenting of four kids under age 6. How Pax, 2, is up constantly at night. How they’re not getting enough sleep. How they — GASP — are too tired to be intimate. Read all you want at this Brad and Angelina site.

Hel-lo!!! Welcome to the real world Mr. Pitt and Ms. Jolie, of millions of everyday mommies and daddies. “What the heck were ya thinking it would be like!”, I’m sure many of us regular folk want to yell.

As fulltime working parents of two under 5, my husband and I have been utterly humbled at the challenges of juggling two kids with careers. Often the two of us can barely keep up with the two of them.

And we don’t have a jillion bucks for nannies and cooks!

Part of me is attracted to these stories in a “Gee whiz, at least I’m not alone in this,” aspect. Brad Pitt has to go sleep in his 2-year-old’s bed too. I think that says something about the need for today’s parents (and non-parents) to be as supportive of each other as possible and to go a little easier on themselves. Everyone’s been there.

The other is more annoyed. Why is it such big news that the Jolie-Pitts have got their hands full? Did people think that because they’re golden-faced actors that their kids would be perfect robot offspring, never throwing tantrums and balking at sleep?

Well, in the spirit of being an understanding person, I’ll think I’ll try to cut the glitterati a little slack if they’ve got dark circles under the eyes on the red carpet.

Because Lord knows I’ve got ‘em too.

–Kari Hulac

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