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FAMILY: Lice in Lafayette?

By asoglin
Friday, August 31st, 2007 at 3:32 pm in Health & Safety, Kids & Tweens, Schools, Teens.

LiceActually, the blasted little bugs are everywhere and it only takes a mention to send most of us into fits of itching. As anyone with kids in an East Bay school knows, lice outbreaks are as much a classroom tradition as Halloween parades and Chinese New Year fetes. Now one enterprising Lafayette mom has turned nit-picking into a business venture with Love Bugs Salon.

She could have saved our family considerable angst if she’d been in business a few years ago, when our neighborhood was so roiled by a lice outbreak at our elementary school, people were actually calling each other every time another kid was sent home with the dreaded bugs. We could not stop itching. Louse-ophobia, you see, has the exact same symptoms…

So when we discovered strange white objects in one kid’s hair, we went berserk, checking each other’s heads, stripping beds, washing walls and ceilings. Oh man. For 24 hours, we scoured the house from top to bottom, lathered chemicals into our hair, then took over the entire laundromat because our washing machine couldn’t handle comforters, mattress pads and pillows by the six-pack.

Couple months later, we were at the hair salon when our hairdresser called us over for a consult. “Look,” she said. Our hearts stopped. It was the exact same stuff. “Wow, that’s a bad case of dandruff,” she said. “Try this shampoo instead.” We didn’t know whether to cry or heave sighs of relief. If only LoveBugs had been around then… On the other hand, our house probably wouldn’t have gotten so clean.

OK, so what’s your louse-y story?
Jackie Burrell

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