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FAB FIVE: Pint-Sized Cal Fans

By asoglin
Saturday, September 1st, 2007 at 1:37 pm in Babies & Tots, Fab Five.

oskiA new Cal football season is underway! And what better way to view the pigskin frenzy than with the fam? Babies may have trouble doing card stunts, but here’s a quintet of essential Golden Bear toddler gear, plus some options for families who insist on cheering for the *wrong* team…

1. Bearwear – Cal onesies, booties and Oski tees. ($14 and up) And okayyyy, equal time – and baby tees – for Stanford fans too.

2. Blankies are a must in Memorial Stadium. It’s a 100 million degrees today, but next week? Ward off the fog with a Bear blanket ($34.99), or if you’re headed South for a USC game, a Trojan blankie with bear attached ($28.95).

3. Even the most devoted young fan gets antsy after halftime. The tubas have danced – nothing tops that. So, along with the sunscreen and water bottles, tote some baby books, such as Brad Epstein’s Berkeley 101, Penn State or UCLA board books ($10.95).

4. Try an Oski toy ($10.95) or teddy bear in a Stanford t-shirt ($15).

5. And when you get home, lull baby to sleep with some fine Cal Band lullabyes … OK, they’re really marching songs. But sales of the CD benefit the band and anyway, to a true Oski devotee, there’s nothing more soothing than “Hail to California” ($16). Except maybe the “Give ’em the axe” chant…
Jackie Burrell

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