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Recalled lunchboxes and school headlines

By asoglin
Friday, September 21st, 2007 at 7:37 am in Toy Recalls.

lunchboxCalifornia’s state public health department just recalled the 350,000 new lunchboxes it gave impoverished families this year. Seems the director of the department found out in July that the Chinese-made boxes contained lead, and notified agencies who’d been distributing them. But he didn’t make a public announcement or notify parents who’d picked them up at local health and children’s fairs until yesterday. All together now: slap your forehead in disbelief and scream, “What the-?” Please, if you picked up a lunchbox at any county-sponsored fair or health event and it reads “eat fruits and vegetables and be more active,” dump it. Sigh. In happier news, Mattel didn’t recall any more toys this morning.

Now, a quick wrap-up on this week’s school headlines: Berkeley students are protesting on behalf of the “Jena 6,” six Louisiana teens involved in a racially-charged trial…

Vallejo teens are protesting over unusable school restrooms.
Some 280 Antioch teens were detained on Monday after they forgot to wear their new ID necklaces to school. Meanwhile, Antioch trustees are considering a school bond to help pay for school repairs and renovations.
A Byron drama teacher is Contra Costa County’s 2007 Teacher of the Year.
Danville’s spelling champ got an invite to the White House.
And the state’s largest teachers union is kicking off a campaign against No Child Left Behind.

As for the “other” big school headlines, check out the Times’ prep sports blog for the latest news from high school gridirons, swimming pools and athletic fields.
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