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Weird baby products

By asoglin
Friday, September 21st, 2007 at 12:37 pm in Babies & Tots, Just Bizarre.

helmetMost of the bizarre baby product pitches we get are so very, very bizarre, we don’t even bother to mention them to you – like the Phillips baby monitor that calls your cell phone when baby cries (urban myth? we’re not sure), the toddler toupees or the strange hand-shaped pillows that hold your child so you don’t have to. Look up – a dorky helmet to protect your tot’s head 24 hours a day? Why?? And anise- and coriander-flavored milk to encourage lactation? Ewww. Our Oreos are going to taste ghastly dunked in that.

But this one, we don’t know what to do with…

It’s a child seat/luggage carrier. You attach it to your wheeled, carry-on suitcase, strap your kid on and haul it (them) across the tarmac. We’re not sure if it’s a brilliant idea or a ghastly one, particularly given how often our carry-on topples *while* we’re pulling it. On the other hand, pushing a stroller while dragging a suitcase is nearly impossible. So we’re looking for a family to test this out. Give us a holler if you’ve got a child (up to 40 lbs.) and a penchant for travel, and we’ll send this little gem out to you to test drive. If you like it, you get to keep it. And if you hate it, we want to know that too. And if you can explain to us how “headrest doubles as tray table,” we’d be most grateful.

P.S. If you’ve got older kids who are willing to play Family Travel Guinea Pig, we’ve got some other cool stuff to review too.
Jackie Burrell

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