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3-second meals

By asoglin
Saturday, September 22nd, 2007 at 3:36 pm in Parenting Issues.

Frantic cookIt’s hard enough to get meals on the table while juggling kids, carpools, jobs and general panic, without the ghosts of Martha Stewart and Rachael Ray weighing in on EVO and garnishes… which is why we’re so smitten by this “3-Second Meal” entry from Stroller Derby’s Kitchenista: “First step, lower the bar. Your kids won’t remember home-cooked meals as much as they’ll remember fondly the time you spent sitting next to them on the couch watching their favorite show. Second, spread out a huge blanket in front of the television and get everyone their own bowl. Third, fill each bowl with Raisin Bran and milk and voila! Dinner is served.”

Hilarious. And healthier than fast food too.

Hey, check back with us Wednesday – well, check back every day, but most particularly Wednesday because we’re bringing you “The Lunchbox: Reinvented” – new ideas for putting pizzazz into the lunch bag. You pour Raisin Bran into the brown bag…

Seriously though, cookbook author Mollie Katzen sent over a batch of recipes that we’ve been testing on our kids – and reaping rave reviews. So good, in fact, that we just whipped up yet another batch of homemade granola trail mix, this time to ship off to our older darlings at college. The story runs in the Times’ food section Wednesday. We’ll excerpt it here too.
Jackie Burrell

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  1. Mr Lady Says:

    My monther in law once told me to give my kids apple, cheese and popcorn for dinner. I tried it, they loved it. It’s almost all the food groups and takes, like, 30 seconds to make.

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