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Finger-pointing after 14-year-old’s tragic death

By asoglin
Friday, September 28th, 2007 at 5:33 pm in Teens.

This morning, a San Leandro 14-year-old girl died in a freeway accident, which occurred at 2:48 a.m. Some readers are questioning what kind of parenting the girl had given the hour at which she was out. Others are saying to wait til more facts are in.

Here’s a sampling from the online discussion:

Good parenting means protecting your children when they are not mature enough to make good decisions. My daughters have curfews of 11 pm and if they aren’t home by then, there are consequences. There is no good reason why a 14 year old should be out and about at 2:45 am.


It is difficult to be the parent of a teenager these days. I have parented two teenagers as a single parent it was the most difficult job I ever had. The oldest child used to sneak out of his second-floor bedroom window to hang out with unsavory people that he knew I did not approve of. The only difference between my oldest and this poor little girl is that my child is still alive even though he stays in trouble with the law more often than not. It is my experience that if kids want to do something badly enough, they will find a way whether the parent is a good parent or not.

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