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Kid Nation: Finally, beauty queen bites the dust

By asoglin
Wednesday, October 17th, 2007 at 9:00 pm in Kid Nation.

kidnationAs Taylor likes to say, “Deal with it.” The bratty, bossy junior beauty queen on CBS’ “Kid Nation” got knocked off her throne Wednesday night. We’ll forgive yet another contrived move by the producers (via a so-called “pioneer book”) that orchestrated town elections because it finally gave Taylor what she deserved. Never has there been a child who made me want to re-think my no-spanking policy more than this one. She yells at everyone, doesn’t do a lick of work and disrespects those she’s supposed to lead. Makes me think the producers picked her as town leader in the first place to drum up drama for this election episode.

And make no mistake, had Taylor won what almost looked as if it would be a popularity contest, I would not be tuning in again next week. It’s bad enough that she’ll still be around town. At least now, a real leader can put her in her place. Bring it on.

The show made another long overdue move in the same episode. Greg, the once loud-mouthed, misbehaving 15-year-old, won the gold star. He made no secret about wanting it. Likely the real motivation behind his hard work and suddenly caring side towards the younger kids was a ploy to win the $25,000 that goes with the star. But let’s face it: this entire show is a set-up. Were it not, the producers would have kept the monetary value of the star a secret until the season ended. Greg has made an effort and he got what he deserved. If his post-win speech is any indication, here’s a kid who actually needs the money. He plans to use it for college. Of course, with the going-rate for college expenses, he’s going to need more than $25,000.

OK, so that’s what went right with the show. Here’s what went wrong — oh so very wrong — apparently 14 days into this little adventure, the kids were still without toothbrushes and dental floss. Their “reward” from the challenge was either hamburgers and hotdogs or buckets with toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental floss and mouth wash. What is this, rip-off “Survivor?” If the kids picked the meat, as most of them wanted to, they would have neglected their dental hygeine for SIX weeks. Again, the parent is me is bristling. Enough with proving how sensible these kids are when it comes to selecting rewards. Give them the necessities for free and roll out the fun stuff so we can see them be real kids again. This isn’t “Mini-Adult Nation.”
Ann Tatko-Peterson

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  1. Ari Soglin Says:

    Prediction: Giving Greg the gold star in Week 5 was a mistake. Now, what’s his incentive to behave? By the season finale, the kids will be using the phrase “Going Greg” when one of them has a tantrum. More later. I gotta go brush my teeth.

  2. Ari Says:

    More random thoughts:

    That Olivia, who ran against Anjay, turned out to be surprisingly annoying.

    If I had to pick a team to be on, I’d totally go Green. They’re cool. They’re mellow. They do group hugs. They decide whether anyone’s running against the incumbent behind closed doors, Chicago-style; all that was missing was the cigars.

    I wonder if Zach, who ousted Taylor, will be giving a political appointment to the blonde (I didn’t catch her name) who gave him a wave, a smile and, presumably, the swing vote.

  3. thatkidchris Says:

    someone must of missed greg’s speech and complete appreciation for winning the gold star. going forward i think greg is mature enough to realize what it means to be voted the honor or receiving a star and use that as encouragement to be a better person. or at least that’s what i got from the episode.

    taylor? lordy, what kind of parents allow this behavior? she’s a physically beautiful child, too bad her heart and soul are missing. i blame the parents.

  4. Ari Says:

    “someone must of missed greg’s speech”… That seemed to be directed at me. I heard his speech, but actions speak louder than words, so let’s just watch and see if Greg’s changed his stripes for good. I doubt he has but would be pleased to be proven wrong.

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