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Stephen Colbert – Kid$ Edition

By asoglin
Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 at 5:32 pm in Just Bizarre.

We’re unabashed Stephen Colbert fans, but his recent “Stephen Colbert Platinum: Kid$ Edition”? Classic. It’s directed toward upper class kids – you know, the ones whose school names end in “Prep,” “Academy” or, says Colbert, their own last name. The ones who loan their high end art collections to premiere museums.

Actually, the pint-sized art collector part is true…

Fellow blogger Sara Steffens wrote earlier this week about a 4-year-old artist whose paintings fetched thousands of dollars and bewitched gallery owners. But the Wall Street Journal says youngsters have entered the collector market too. Collectors such as 9-year-old Dakota King are snapping up “high end pieces,” including works by Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Pissarro and Rembrandt. The WSJ calls it a collision of “the art boom, the wealth boom and the Baby Einstein approach to parenting.”

We call it astonishing. While we forget to give our kids allowances (or hand them IOUs written on yellow Post-Its), these kids are getting $5,000 “art allowances” so they can save up to buy the next Warhol. It never dawned on us to make our kids put those post-its toward a Monet…
Jackie Burrell

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