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Bullying adds weight to childhood obesity

By asoglin
Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 11:05 am in Health & Safety.

LIFE HEALTH-OBESITY 4 FTAs if we didn’t have enough reason to hate bullies, a study in the “American Journal of Preventive Medicine” has found a link between teasing and weight gain, especially in teenage girls. According to the study, girls who were teased were twice as likely to be overweight five years later compared to other girls included in the study. These same girls also routinely abused diet pills and laxatives and were more susceptible to eating disorders.
Relationship and family therapist Argie Allen shared some tips on the “Today” show for helping girls experiencing these problems. Find additional tips here.
Ann Tatko-Peterson

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  1. Free of my Eating Disorder Says:

    This was a very disturbing and informative article.
    It is very upsetting to me that the world of youth keeps getting darker and harder to face and get out of it without having to sustain to others pressure as to what is ok and not.
    Coming from someone who has suffered from an eating disorder thankfully to my family I am healthy now and know that it is my own thoughts and I need to except myself. It is very difficult to face the world and do what you feel is right and it is much easier to just go down the path of disorders and addictions but I do know that with the right help and love you can over come it.

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