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Give Kid Nation’s Taylor the silent treatment

By asoglin
Wednesday, October 24th, 2007 at 10:07 pm in Kid Nation.

kidnationPunished for dodging an assigned clean-up, Taylor‘s punishment was to haul buckets of water. Her response: Call out to Zach, her nemesis, then purposely dump the water and say, “Oops, my bad.” It’s time to just ignore beauty pageant girl.

That Taylor remains a focal point merely shows how weak this program is. Her prima dona attitude is getting old. The echoing complaints about her from the rest of Kid Nation are becoming more annoying. So, why do they keep coming back to this theme? Cuz the show has become as boring as a 13-1 Red Sox blowout of the Rockies.

Greg update: I said last week that after he won the gold star, I expected him to bring back surly Greg. No evidence of that in Episode 6, which had Greg hauling trash and digging a pit and enthusiastically diving into a vat of beans and “live pork” during the weekly Showdown.

What I really want to know: When the kids were rolling around in the vat, was the “live pork,” uh, dropping some mixings into those beans?

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  1. amp Says:

    The possibility of droppings from the “live pork” is just one reason this episode disgusted me. First, we see rats skittering around the garbage. Rats! How on earth could responsible adults send children in to clean up rat-infested trash? Oh that’s right, there are no “responsible adults” on this show.

    Then, the kids got arm deep into that vat of beans with live pigs. Minutes later, they were munching down on their reward of fresh fruits and vegetables — with muck still caking their hands, arms and clothes. Where’s the sanitation in that? It’s a miracle none of these kids are sick.

    Then we top off the show with DK announcing he wants to go home. He’s tired of the bickering. He misses his family. But the Town Council knows he’s going to win the $20,000 gold star, so Guylan talks him into staying. Ah yes, peer pressure at its best. I’m sure he’s happy in hindsight that he stayed, but let’s remember these are still kids. If they’re unhappy playing adults in this fake town, let them go back to being kids with their families.

  2. Marc Says:

    The ONLY kid on this show that should be ashamed of themself (or whose parents should be in hiding and absolutely embarrased in how they raised their child) is Taylor. She is a waste of space. Seriously, what a fvcking little bratty b!tch. If she was my kid I would disown her. Pageant queen?? No b!tch, you are a martian faced little twat is what you are. Ugly inside and out.

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