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Airborne babies, head injuries and more lead paint

By asoglin
Thursday, October 25th, 2007 at 3:31 pm in Health & Safety.

bumbo baby sittingThe latest round of recalls includes a million of these Bumbo baby seats, an award-winning baby product that already carries a warning against using it on elevated surfaces. It’s designed for floor-level use only. But in 28 cases, parents placed their babies atop a table, the seat toppled and the head injuries include three skull fractures. Parents may contact the company for new, more blatant warning stickers – or better yet, don’t put your babies on top of tables and walk away. Jeez.

In other recall news, hundreds of thousands of kiddie bracelets, Go Diego toy boats, and bobble-head football cake decorations have been recalled due to lead paint. Of course.
Jackie Burrell

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