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FAB FIVE for Traveling Tots

By asoglin
Saturday, October 27th, 2007 at 9:52 pm in Fab Five, Family Travel.

Bla Bla monkeys Boarding a plane with a wriggly preschooler isn’t exactly anyone’s idea of a good time, but this Fab Five of preschooler survival gear should help.

1) A cuddly friend – a beloved teddy bear or a new buddy, like these Bla Bla dogs, cats, monkeys and other whimsical dolls. Adorable, soft and handknitted by women in Peru. (The 12-inch dolls are $31).

2) A soft blankie to help little ones get comfy and (we can only hope) sleepy. The wonderful children’s travel website,, carries fleece shawls that double as blankets ($34.95). We’re also smitten with …

Hearthsong’s Knot A Quilt kit ($19.98) – colorful squares of pre-cut fleece that can be knotted into a cozy blanket. (We’re waiting for ours to arrive so we can test it out, but we’re thinking it’s just the thing for an older child or parent-child duo to make during a flight. By the time you touch down at Heathrow, you’ll have a snuggly blanket.)

lisa3) Good books – Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben’s “Lisa’s Airplane Trip” – about a small white dog’s flying adventures – or Tony Mitton’s “Amazing Airplanes”.

4) Crafts to pass the time – eeBoo’s “Children of the World” lacing cards ($14.95), for example, a sticker book or retro Wikki Stix, those strange, wax-draped lengths of yarn that can be twisted and shaped into just about anything. For ages 4 and up, try “Rubberneckers” or “Flying Rubberneckers,” a card game/scavenger hunt. The TechMama bloggers suggest Cheerio necklaces too – pack a baggie of Cheerios and a spool of dental floss.

5) And a toddler-sized backpack to carry everything. Even the youngest traveler can manage a small backpack laden with his own personal stash of snacks and activities. It teaches independence and leaves mom’s hands free too.

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Jackie Burrell

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