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Kit-Kats, Snickers & Childhood Obesity

By asoglin
Tuesday, October 30th, 2007 at 7:28 am in Health & Safety.

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In this morning’s Times, Sara Steffens writes that the average American will consume 26 lbs. of candy this year, the majority via trick-or-treat bags – at a time when childhood obesity rates have more than doubled and teen rates tripled (National Center for Health). Obviously, it’s not just the Snickers. Fast food and junk snacks are undermining our children’s (and our) health too. Now Contra Costa County supervisor John Gioia is leading a campaign for a more healthful Halloween by giving out stickers, small toys and school supplies to balance out some of that sugar. Check out the story, then take the poll. Or share your thoughts here by clicking “comments.”
Jackie Burrell

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  1. Sara Says:

    I was interested, in reporting the story, to find how many kids said toys or prizes would be an OK substitute for candy. Were they telling me what I wanted to hear? Or are we adults projecting our own love of Almond Joys onto them?

  2. Barbara Says:

    Ugh, can we get off the “Child Obesity Epidemic?”

    Do you think that pressuring kids to lose weight and teaching them that eating candy of any kind will give them Type 2 diabetes a healthy way to go about this? I don’t.

    Instead, why don’t we focus on parents choosing a healthier and more active lifestyle for their children?

    The idea that kids make any real decisions in their lives isn’t realistic. Nor is scaring them or making them feel bad doing anything but hurting them.

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