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Kid Nation: Whiny “gimme-the-gold-star” bore

By asoglin
Wednesday, October 31st, 2007 at 9:08 pm in Kid Nation.

kidnationI admit it. I miss the pint-sized brat. Taylor, the obnoxious and loud-mouth beauty queen, was relegated to a 15-second sound bite in Wednesday’s episode of “Kid Nation,” and frankly, the remaining 59 minutes and 45 seconds was a major snooze fest. Even when the show tries to drum up suspense — oh, the kids are in a scary mine; oh, look they found a secret chest (as the grown-up written pioneer book hinted they would); oh, it’s full of money — the episode simply falls flatter than 3-day-old soda.

But in the end, it’s the gold star that had me grimacing this week. This one reminded me of a political race — a whole lot of smoke, not a lot of substance.

We’ve got Divad “the potato girl” trying to convince the whole town she’s working hard. Eyes rolling and under-the-breath mutterings kind of killed that one for her. (And for the record, we learned tonight that she’s the kid who got splattered in the face with grease but planned to “fight” through it. Only after taping did her mom file a complaint. Hmm… why do I think she won’t be bringing home one of those $20,000 gold stars.) Then we’ve got Pharaoh — I have a single mom, I need the money. The town council hasn’t forgotten how little he worked before the unveiling of the gold star. Which, left us with home-schooled, doesn’t-know-how-to-have-fun Nathan.

nathanDiscussion boards are on fire about how Nathan couldn’t even pronounce half the words he spoke. Some wonder if he has a stuttering problem. Others wonder if he’s just socially inept. I’m left wondering why anyone cares. (Please, if you disagree, clue me in because I’m still trying to figure out how this show’s such a ratings success.) About the best part of Nathan being featured was seeing mean-Greg reappear only to offer up an apology later for riding Nathan so hard. (That, I’ll accept as being genuine considering Greg has nothing to gain — he’s already pocketed a gold star.)

The sad fact is that eventually, this show is going to run out of truly deserving kids to give the gold star to. Even more depressing, next week’s previews shows a handful of kids lying in the street out of sheer boredom. Uh-oh, if they’re bored, we’re really in trouble.

Ann Tatko-Peterson

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Why does anyone care about participants are reality TV shows? Most of the time, I figure they get what they deserve (insults, backstabbing, whatever) for going on a reality show to begin with. What makes this show different is they’re kids. They’re easier to root for.

  2. Ari Soglin Says:

    I could root for the kids, as Anonymous suggests, if the show didn’t seem more and more contrived every week. Dammit, just let the kids dictate the plot and it would be a heckuva lot more fun. I liked the scene at the very end of the latest episodes, when the kids were pretending to have a fashion show in their new clothes. It seemed like one of the truly genuine kids-being-kids moments. … I also liked Jared’s creativity — using a magnifying glass to “Bonanza City 2007″ into pieces of wood and then selling the items as necklaces. Genius! (Us guys always like to see mangifying glasses used to burn things. :) … Good riddance to Taylor. … Kids, boycott the gold star. It became tainted as soon as they knew it was worth 20k.

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