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Kid Nation’s tainted gold star and Taylor’s successor

By asoglin
Thursday, November 8th, 2007 at 8:49 am in Kid Nation.

kidnationEver since Sophia got the gold star in Episode One and we found out it was worth 20k, it’s been tainted. We’ve had to wonder whether the Kid Nation twerps were lugging water, digging trash pits and cleaning toilets for the good of the cause or if it’s just been about Gold Rush ’07.

So, last night, we get a talent show, rather than good deeds, to determine the gold star winner.

Lemme digress: We may have a battle for the next Taylor. Olivia is starting to annoy me. It’s a holdover from her meanness to Anjay when they were battling in the town council election. In this week’s episode, she wasn’t rude but the look of expectation (not hope) on her face as the gold star was announced bugged me. I feel petty for having such feelings toward children, but, well, deal with it! On the other hand, Divad is worse with her campaigning for the gold star and criticisms of the winners. Just awful.

Want to know how to be crowned the new Taylor? Be mean to Alex next week. How can you not like that kid after he said this week that two of the girls are being referred to as “Nicole and Paris, but I don’t really know what that means.”

Where was I? Talent show? Other than Kelsey’s piano playing, little real talent got air time on the show. (Note to producers: How about putting the entire talent show on the KN web site?) But at least we got to see the kids (apparently) doing their own things: Olivia’s stand-up comedy routine; Jared reading Shakespeare (did he bring the book with him to Bonanza City?); Greg and Blaine in drag.

Kennedy, the 12-year-old from Kentucky who was in the spotlight for the first time, was wacky as she promised she’d be. She seemed nice enough. I didn’t dislike her. But this performance was worth the gold star and 20 grand?

I suppose now that the gold star is tainted, it really doesn’t matter how it’s awarded.

Other notes: Do you think Kennedy’s mom could’ve had more makeup on when she got the phone call at the end? Easy on the rouge, mom. … The bubble-gum chewing showdown was somewhat original. Reminded me of Bubblegum Alley in San Luis Obispo. … Would someone please burn the pioneer journal?

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  1. Ann Tatko-Peterson Says:

    I totally agree about Olivia. She strikes me as the type of kid who has always gotten everything she ever wanted. Would be interesting to see what home life is like if she doesn’t win, considering her younger sister did get a gold star.

    Divad’s gimme-a-gold-star tantrum sums up why I hate the gold star. The show would have been served better by giving the kids a paper star and telling them at the end that they could trade it in for the real gold one. Maybe then we’d get a geunine effort in kids building a society instead of this orchestrated snooze-fest. (Yep, that means burn the Pioneer Book.)

    As for the somewhat original bubble gum chewing contest — gross. Here we are trying to convince our kids not to share water bottles and this show promotes spitting gum into other kids’ hands. That’s just sick!

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