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Tooth Fairy magic

By asoglin
Wednesday, November 14th, 2007 at 4:38 pm in Babies & Tots.

toothEvery now and then we hear a parenting tip that’s so darling, we have to share. So thanks, Trine, Antioch mom extraordinaire, for weighing in on Tooth Fairy issues. We can all relate – the anticipation, the twisting and poking, and at last, the tiny white tooth plucked and plopped under a pillow to await the arrival of the gossamer-clad one.

“I swear (Sofia) has been talking about this for two years, and has even practiced doing the tooth fairy thing,” Trine says. “Anywho, since she was so psyched about it, I wanted her coins from the tooth fairy to be grand, or at least shiny new.”coin But the tellers at Trine’s bank went beyond “shiny new.” They brought out those new golden-hued, presidential dollar coins. Says Trine: “Even more magical.”

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Jackie Burrell

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