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Exhausted and fat?

By asoglin
Tuesday, November 20th, 2007 at 12:50 pm in Health & Safety.

Sleepless babyTurns out sleep-deprived moms have a harder time losing post-partum weight. According to a Kaiser Permanente-Harvard Med study, new moms who got five or fewer hours of sleep a day when their babies were 6 months old were three times more likely to carry an extra 11 pounds by the baby’s first birthday.

It’s not that they’re lying around the house exhausted and eating bonbons – well, yes to the exhaustion part, but nyet on the candy. Other studies of sleep deprivation and weight gain say exhausted people eat less and still gain weight. Theory is, sleep deprivation adversely affects one’s metabolism. Great. Now we’re exhausted and fat. Maybe the study will provide a little added incentive for those middle of the night spousal elbowings. Instead of “I got up last time,” we can try, “Want me to look hot? You feed the baby.”

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