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By asoglin
Wednesday, November 21st, 2007 at 10:20 am in Miss School Manners.

teacherDear Miss School Manners: I’m the room mom for my first grader’s classroom and other parents have suddenly started asking me about teacher gifts for the holidays. Ack! Are we supposed to give the teacher a present? Each kid or a group gift? And is that supposed to be my job? Signed, Worried in Walnut Creek

Dear Worried: It’s all optional, optional, optional. But having said that … yeah, most people observe the winter holiday in some way. That’s why educators have such massive collections of “Best Teacher” coffee mugs…

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But this is a case where the thought really does count. Teachers will tell you they have more than enough mugs and magnets that say “A+ teacher” – but the most meaningful gifts they’ve ever received are personal letters from their students. That’s a little hard to do with first graders, of course, but here are a couple of classroom gift ideas – and we’re hoping other parents chime in with their tips too.

First, the safe bet: everyone chips in a couple dollars, the room mother buys a gift certificate to a book store or school supplies place, such as Walnut Creek’s Lakeshore, and all the kids sign the card, whether or not they contributed.

More creative…
Group photo – Pose the class on the playground, holding a “We love …” banner. Snap the pic, print an 8×10 and have it framed. Better yet, have the children sign the mat before you seal it into the picture frame.

Class advice books – Using those sheets of grade school paper where the top half is for the picture and the bottom for writing, have each child offer the teacher his advice on a specific topic. We’ve collected adorable, hilarious child-rearing advice (and illustrations) for a teacher who was pregnant, and marriage tips for one about to be wed – a second grader shared the importance of not hogging the remote control. But read-aloud tips, book suggestions and playground games are good themes too. Add a cover and have the masterpiece spiral bound at Kinko’s or another local copy shop.

Photo calendar – Take an assortment of class photos – make sure you’ve got every child represented – and have a local copy shop or online photo service make them into a 2008 calendar.

Class tote – Buy an inexpensive canvas tote and break out the fine-tipped fabric markers and Sharpie pens. Using a biscuit cutter or other circular shape as a guide, draw as many circles as there are kids in the class. Tint each face an appropriate skin tone, using a small sponge dipped in fabric paint (practice on a fabric scrap first). When dry, add a little pinkness to the cheeks. Then have each child add hair, eyes and a grin to his “face” and sign the bag. Heat set the canvas with a hot iron, according to fabric paint directions. If you’ve got enough cash in your classroom party fund, buy some picture books and tuck them into the bag.

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