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Kid Nation: Bonanza City-style politics

By asoglin
Saturday, November 24th, 2007 at 9:35 pm in Kid Nation.

Kid Nation(Courtesy CBS)Greg gets elected to the Town Council. He orches- trates respect training in which he lashes out at the participants. “I feel like someone won the presidential election with no background check,” Sophia says. Welcome to politics Bonanza City-style.

Call me a conspiracist, but I suspect the mess we saw in Episode 10 was set up intentionally by the show’s directors in Episode 9.

It’s like this: Want to stir things up in Bonanza City? I have an idea. Let’s put troublemaker Greg and sidekick Blaine on the Town Council. But we have a problem: They’re in the same Blue District and can’t both be on the council. What to do? Split ’em up.The trade of Blaine to the Yellow District in Episode 9 probably was part of a scheme to create the disharmony we saw in Episode 10.

So be it. The kids may be but pawns, but the show is getting more entertaining.

Laurel got so freaked out by the new guard, she nearly went home. Taylor was threatened with punishment if she didn’t work — finally! The whole town told Greg he’s a jerk.

I just hope things get bad enough in Episode 11 that the kids demand another Town Council vote.

Meanhile, Michael continues to be a gem. He’s calm, wise and knows when to keep his guard up. Michael: “I’ll work with you guys but I’m not going to go against what my own principles and values are.” And later: “My dad always tells me a man is as good as his word on a handshake. … I thought that would get across to [Greg] better than anything else. But you know, we’ll have to see whether it does or not.”

Laurel is getting more interesting. A week ago, she was the only Town Council member to refuse to trade one of her members. Depending on your point of view, either her loyalty was admirable or her selfishness was what brought on the council from hell.

When booted in Episode 10, losing to Michael, she whined. “I have no say in anything. … I was a great council leader.”

Whatever you think of her stubborness in Episode 9, Laurel was a strong leader, and in Episode 10, it got her the gold star. Ironically, earlier, talking of Greg and Blaine, she said, “Once people get the gold star, there’s no point any more. They don’t have to impress anybody.”

I bet Laurel will continue to work hard, mainly because she’ll still want the respect of her Green District.

(Yes, this post is three days late. I, uh, thought there wouldn’t be a new episode Wednesday night and didn’t check til sometime Thursday. So, it was another internet stream for me.)

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