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NETFLIX for College Textbooks

By asoglin
Tuesday, November 27th, 2007 at 8:23 am in College Apps & Angst.

Stacked booksA textbook rental company? How financially fabulous is that? These days, when a single college textbook can easily top $100, and some price out at $180 or more, paying for books can be seriously painful. Buy new and you’ll add $900 or more to that annual tuition bill. So we were thrilled to spot this story about a Netflix-type textbook rental company based in Santa Clara. Colleague Lisa Krieger at the SJ Merc says textbook rental Web sites such as and Book Renter offer students cheaper alternatives. After the quarter ends, you simply mail the books back in a prepaid package, a la Netflix. And yes, you can highlight them – within reason.
Jackie Burrell

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