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BAD SANTA: Home atomic lab, anyone?

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, November 30th, 2007 at 12:44 pm in Just Bizarre, Toy Recalls.

atomic-energy-lab-01In this miserable age of toy recalls, it’s always good to keep things in perspective. So without further ado, here’s’s list of the worst toys of all time. Sure, AquaDots made the cut, but so did skull-penetrating lawn darts, carnivorous Cabbage Patch dolls, and the U-238 Atomic Energy Lab, a 1951 radioactive learning set that included three ‘very low-level’ radioactive sources, a Geiger-Mueller radiation counter, an electroscope to measure radioactivity, four samples of uranium-bearing ores and loads more fission fun! “Junior Einsteins had everything they needed, says Radar’s Paige Ferrari, “except a hazmat suit.”

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