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FAB FIVE: Go Baby Go Gadgets

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Wednesday, December 5th, 2007 at 1:21 pm in Babies & Tots, Fab Five.

I’m a gadget junkie. And now that I’m the aunt of a 6-month-old niece, I’m on the prowl for anything that may help my sister on trips, whether by car to the store or by plane for a visit. Here are five of my recent favorite finds:

bibbi1. Bye Bye Bibbi — This bib features a pouch to hold a full-size baby bottle, plus attaches a pacifier and teether or toy, so baby has something to play with after finishing his or her bottle. Cost — $12.95

dabib2. DaBib — This bib features a “Scrunch Neck” design and a hidden pouch to keep food off the baby and on the bib. Having fed my niece countless times over the Thanksgiving holiday, I quickly realized this is a must-have. It’s from Chez Shea Baby in San Mateo. Cost — $12.99

oopsi3. Oopsi — For any parent who has seen that favorite toy disappear, and then spent countless hours searching for it, this is a savior. A plastic clip attaches one end of a strap to the child, while the other end wraps around the child’s toy and closes with Velcro. Cost — $5.95

diaper bad4. Samsonite Cascadia Mini Diaper Backpack Tote — Call this the compromise bag. A lot of men don’t want to carry the cutesy Nurshery Rhyme over-the-shoulder diaper bag. Samsonite offers a black leather bag, with plenty of compartments, that changes from a backpack (for dad) to a shoulder tote (for mom). Cost — $39.99

juiceboxholder5. No Squeeze Juice Box Holder — This one is ideal for toddlers and young kids. Juice boxes or pouches fit snugly inside a container designed to fit in a car’s cup holder. It’s the perfect spill-proof solution in that transition phase from bottles to cups. Cost — $11.97 for four pack

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  1. Ari Soglin Says:

    Oopsi? I love stuff like this cuz it gives me an excuse to go on a rant. Thanks, Ann.

    Any parents who spend countless hours searching for toys need counseling. Any children who never lose their favorite toy will wind up in counseling if they don’t learn to cope with the harsh realities of life — sometimes we lose stuff and it sucks.

    Favorite toy: $10
    Mental health HMO co-payment: $20
    Valuable life lesson: priceless

    OK, so maybe I’m the one who needs help. I admit it.

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