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MOMMY’S TOTE: What’s in yours?

By Jackie Burrell
Friday, December 7th, 2007 at 8:30 am in Other.

Today’s the last day! We’ll be drawing a winning name tonight, so read on for details…
totebookWe have to confess, last week’s “Mommy Needs a Playdate” contest was our favorite thing ever. We loved it so much we’re printing a sampling of those “too-much-motherhood travails” in the Times later this week. Meanwhile, congrats go out to Nissa, winner of the “I Need a Playdate” T-shirt! When we drew names out of a hat, up came Nissa’s entry about migraines, screaming kids and the unfortunate husband who came home and blithely asked “Whatcha got planned for dinner?”

This week’s contest was inspired by P.H. Hanson’s brand new, interactive board book, “My Mommy’s Tote,” which adorably mimics a typical mom purse, right down to the key ring, flip phone, and … can of peas?? Make that book yours by clicking “comments” (we’ll draw a name Friday night) and sharing the oddest thing in your handbag. We’ll lead off … hmm, crinkled receipts, already chewed gum – eww! – and shredded tan bark. Your turn!

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  1. Nissa H. Says:

    Wow- am I really the first to post? We need to tell more people about this great blog & your awesome giveaways!
    Okay- you’re on my blogroll & I’ll spread the word! :)

    I don’t have anything really wierd or interesting in my purse. I found a stash of kit kat wrappers in there that I hijacked from my son’s halloween bag…

  2. d Says:

    I just cleaned out my purse today and can truly say that the following items are residing in my tote: Annie and Clarabel (from Thomas the Tank), one green Mini Cooper hotwheel, no less than 7 pens, a small tree’s worth of receipts, four crayons from Fenton’s, wallet, keys, a drawing of a kite, box of raisins, small 100-calorie bag of goldfish, two lollipops, one Bob the Builder sticker, wipes, a bill to remind me to pay for music class, fingernail clippers, band aids, bubbles, two cans of playdough, compact, lipstick that I am delusional enough to think I will wear, 4 lip balms, antibacterial gel, my beloved Kiehl’s hand cream and a pumpkin seed from my son’s field trip to the pumpkin patch that I had to promise I wouldn’t throw away — which I agreed to whole-heartedly.

  3. Sara Says:

    Today,In my purse I found The SnotSucker! I mean, come on! And to top it all off, I had been searching for it days before to “do what you do with a snotsucker” on my little boy! Well, couldn’t find it…So I’m not going to even go into how I had to extract the contents of his nose that day! I’ll leave that to your imagination!haha If only I’d looked in the most logical place…My purse?!

  4. Angela Says:

    Thats awsome.. Connor is always trying to get into my purse and he would LOVE this.

    Hmm in my purse.. omg.. do I have to share?
    A baby jar full of baby crackers, a large pile of wrinkled and drooled on reciepts, some busted and sorta leaking makeup viles, random candy from restraunts which honestly Im not sure how long its been in there (ugg ok throwing that out), change.. more change, a movie ticket from the last movie i went to which has been quite awhile, photos of the crumb monster himself, my wallet & checkbook of course, and my school id.

    Im bloggin ya too :)

  5. Stephanie Says:

    My purse is always packed as it serves a dual purpose as my diaper bag. Peek inside and you’ll find diapers, wipes, wallet, coin purse, pens, notepad, sunglasses, regular glasses, a snack (likely goldfish or cheerios), and my camera.

    This book is truly innovative and clearly was designed by someone who knows babies well. My daughter is mesmerized by purses and would love looking through this one!

  6. Amanda Says:

    Lots of grossness in my purse… used tissues, diaper rash butt cream, pieces of crackers my sons deposited there I’m sure and several legos, pretty odd.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    I actually just cleaned mine out…there was Trader Joes receipts all crumpled up. loose peanuts(no idea how those got there). kleenex USED! (daughter has runny nose). Change and bills because I don’t have the time in the store to put my money back in my wallet, so I just throw it in(by the way my husband HATES this). plastic fork. camera. cell phone. Oh and lastly pens with no ink!

  8. Cathy Says:

    Nothing much right now…sour candies (you never know when little boys need to be bribed), wallet, phone, LOTS of paper that I’m sure is super important but I don’t have the time or energy to deal with, etc, etc, etc. Pretty boring, no?

  9. Michele Says:

    one glove, three broken crayons, many expired coupons and sticky stains from a spilled bottle of cough syrup. Yuck.

  10. Noreen Says:

    I just found a doll sock. I did not even know it was there. My girls must of been playing with my purse.

  11. Christi Says:

    Oddest thing in my purse? Probably the introductory activity that my first grader did for his class…I love it so much, I can’t bear to throw it away, and it makes me think of him every time I touch it!

  12. Jenny M Says:

    a flourescent light bulb- (I won it at work), some jack o lantern foam kits, my Delta airlines frequent flyer card, junior mints (ugh- they’ve gotten all sticky), a spare baby sock- found it static clinged to my pants at work- okay I really need to clean this out on a regular basis,

  13. kailani Says:

    The oddest thing? That would have to be an old television remote control. As a last resort, it always occupies my little one.

  14. Mama Zen Says:

    Trash of every description, random Legos, and my emergency Butterfinger!

  15. CPA Mom and Soccer Mom Angela Says:

    the oddest thing I could find was my picture ID from when I was in college. As in from 15 years ago. Clean out your purse much? Apparently not.

  16. aBookworm Says:

    Playdoh and spoons of all sizes, colors and materials – they keep Kiddo occupied and leave Mommy to shop in peace :-)

  17. jessie Says:

    great giveaway! i just found my nephew’s nuk…not sure how that ended up in there (i’m guessing my niece was playing with Auntie’s purse).

  18. frannie Says:

    what’s in my purse that isn’t odd???

    half eaten everything– from granola bars to the free cookies from the grocery

    crayons, play-doh, 4 half drunk bottles of water, a spoon…. I could go on forever

  19. Naomi Says:

    the oddest thing is that there’s nothing odd right now- everything seems strangely organized.

  20. Stacey Moore Says:

    Just LOTS of receipts ~ Tis the season!!

  21. Diane Says:

    Can of peas, nothin’! My husband once found a potato in mine.


  22. Doreen Says:

    Wow, this really is so cute!! The oddest thing…hmmmm probably those pink foam curlers!! LOL

  23. taowyn Says:

    My niece would love this to play with her mom.

  24. Jill Heller Says:

    weirdest? probably a pack of wood screws…most disgusting? a poopy diaper i’d forgotten about…(there was no trash can at the park, so I had to take it w/me.

  25. Caryn Bailey Says:

    I have randomness in my purse! Old receipts, ticket stubs, lists, the performance guide from Cirque!

  26. Alexia Says:

    Hmmm…the oddest thing in my purse is two crochet hooks. Why are they in there? Why it’s the only safe place of course!

  27. Joanna Says:

    Odd by what standards? I guess according to most people, my daughter’s duck call that travels with me everywhere is a bit on the “odd” side. To us? Perfectly normal!

    Oh, and that quacker that you hear behind you in the grocery store? That’s our nearly two year old daughter “practicing”. She and my husband will sit down together (him on his goose call, her on her duck call) and play a concert for mama.

  28. Cecilia Says:

    Oddest thing? How about 2 car keys that will not start my car. But they will let me in the door to get my “real” keys. You think perhaps I have locked my car keys inside enough times?

  29. Marcia G Says:

    Lil granddaughter would just love this “mommy tote”

  30. Dee Says:

    Well….. most enbarasing was the dried up tangerine….it never molded so I never
    Weirdest thing right now…… tons of taco bell taco scauce packets…… 😛

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