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KID NATION: We’ll miss you, sort of

By Ann Tatko-Peterson
Wednesday, December 12th, 2007 at 9:11 pm in Kid Nation.

KID NATIONFor weeks, “Kid Nation” tried to build up the drama. They dangled $20,000 gold stars in front of a bunch of kids to get them to work. They went on and on about these kids building their own society, all the while dictating the show with the so-called “Pioneer Book.” For the most part, it was boring.

In the end, however, I was invested. I knew a lot about these kids. Taylor, the spoiled brat. Greg, the hypocrite. Sophia, the bossy hard worker. Alex and Jared, the mini geniuses. Most of the kids had a unique personality (at least those we got to see up close

So, when CBS billed the finale as being filled with surprises, I didn’t hold out much hope but I tuned in. Glad I did. They flew the episode at warp speed: fire, candy stealers, almost little girl cat fight, one final challenge, parents showing up, last three gold stars being awarded. It was a lot, and a long time coming. In context of the show, this was as good as it gets. Yeah, not all of it felt genuine, but it was just enough payoff. All in all, they are good kids and they did more than even I expected. That said, it was a lengthy investment to have to make, and the reward of the finale isn’t enough to bring me back for a second season. It’s just enough to keep me from calling the first season a total waste.

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  1. vasi Says:

    Anyone who has spent time with youngsters is well aware of the impact they have on us. We have an instinct to care for children. It does not take long to love kids, even if we only see them for a few minutes each week on television.

    The show format was frustrating to some and annoying to others. However, the kids’ personalities drew us in. We adults learn to hide our feeling and control our emotions, but kids are open and honest; I find that fascinating and wonderful.

    Soon we got to know each child on Kid Nation, at least the ones we were allowed to get to know; did anyone find themselves thinking about the kids during the week? I even prayed for some of them. (And yes I know the show was tapped and I did not pray for them as if they were in Bonanza).

    Each week they entertained us; they showed us their compassion, their anger, their issues and their talents and gifts. Some we liked, others we didn’t like as much, but still hoped they turn out all right.

    And that is the issue: we want them all to be all right. We got to know them, and now we are stuck still caring about them.

    We want to know what becomes of Michael, the compassionate peacemaker; Mike, the sensitive intelligent kid who cared so much it hurt. (I’ll never forget what he said in the final show about the gold star: “I want it, but there are others who deserve it more than me.”)

    What will Jared do with his quick wit? Sophia with her creative mind? Morgan with her amazing gift to heal a broken heart. I hope Taylor sees herself as others do and uses her strong will and determination to help others.

    Where will Hunter’s deep faith lead him? I expect great things from this kind, sensitive and dignified young man who led in quite ways. Was Zach only ten years old? He rallied the town and showed wisdom in the face of despair. What will Greg do with is life?

    These are the issues that plague me, silly as it seems. No doubt I will recover and move on, but these kids did indeed impact my life. I feel a sense of loss; I will never forget these kids, just like I’ve never forgotten the other kids who have impacted my life. ‘Goodbye and best wishes’ to all the wonderful kids I had the privilege to meet on Kid Nation. I hope to someday hear great things from each of you.

    May The Lord bless you and keep you.

    May the Lord make his face to shine upon you, and be gracious to you.

    May the Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.

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