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By Jackie Burrell
Monday, December 17th, 2007 at 3:58 pm in Just Bizarre.

High School Musical Is the wholesome goodness of Disney’s High School Musical franchise starting to get to you? Then you’ll love this story by the OC Weekly’s Ben Westhoff that has Lil Wayne, the prolific MC, doing a rap remix of the best-selling HSM, even though the musical’s “clean-cut characters and positive themes don’t seem to jibe with Wayne’s lyrical content, which tends to focus on giant spliffs of marijuana and boasts about receiving sloppy (er, look it up yourself).”

But Lil Wayne’s got Zac Efron by his side on this project. “Zac and me was both in San Francisco a few months ago for a comic book convention or something, and we met at an afterparty at some bar,” he told Westhoff.  And the rest is music remix history. Says Efron, “Word.”

Really??? Well, maybe not. But we laughed. (Warning: Westhoff’s story is not for a tween audience. You, though, are free to enjoy it.)

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