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KIDDIE CARPOOL, techie-style

By Jackie Burrell
Wednesday, December 19th, 2007 at 12:04 pm in Parenting Issues.

Car kidsWe get the strangest press releases here, so our fingers are always hovering over the delete button. But this one? This is brilliant. If you’ve ever wrestled with coordinating kiddie carpool schedules, check out . It’s a shared calendar database you use with friends and neighbors. Near as we can tell, you log on, input your messy schedule (including driving availability) and invite fellow soccer, band and ballet families to join you. The site figures out the carpool schedule, e-mails everyone, then sends reminders to your cell phone. Where the heck was this when we were coordinating our foursome’s frantic extra-curriculars?? Sounds fantastic — and we’re eager to hear a review from anyone who’s actually tried it out, or has tips to share on surviving carpool/kid activity mania.

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