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FAB FIVE: Hotel babyproofing

By Jackie Burrell
Sunday, December 30th, 2007 at 6:28 am in Family Travel.

Hotel Sacher by Alexander Wallnöfer, Stock.Xchng PhotosThe holidays are prime travel season, but hotels can bring new challenges for families traveling with tots. Your home may be well child-proofed, but chances are, the Marriott’s not.

DeliciousBaby‘s Debbie Dubrow writes a wonderful family travel blog that includes primo tips on airplane and hotel survival. Here are her top five tips for impromptu hotel room baby proofing:
1) Pack some twist-ties, duct tape or blue painters tape to secure electric cords and draperies out of baby’s reach.
2) Cover electric outlets with duct tape or painters tape.
3) Move furniture away from windows and balconies, so your tot can’t explore his way out an unexpected exit.
4) Check for heavy lamps or other objects that can be pulled down by their cords.
5) And watch out for hotel faucets, which spew water much hotter than at home.

Happy travels!

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