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SLAP COREY: Wild Party Boy Goes Pro

By Jackie Burrell
Thursday, January 24th, 2008 at 1:30 pm in Just Bizarre.

Remember the story about the Aussie teen who hosted a rager while his parents were out of town? By the time police arrived to break up the party and arrest the 16-year-old host, Corey Delaney’s 500 guests had trashed the surroundings, causing $18,000 worth of damage.

Now, the kid has hired a celebrity agent to help him launch his career as a professional party host.

He’s throwing parties in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and, according to Reuters and, which calls him Australia’s answer to Paris Hilton, Corey could earn as much as A$100,000 ($88,000 US) from the parties alone. And he’s been approached by ad agencies and record companies too.

So how appalled are his countrymen? He’s a hero to his peers, we’re told. Others are so incensed, they’ve launched Web sites inviting people to “slap Corey down the street.” By today, Corey had been slapped by 695,000 people.

How, we want to know, does this even happen? What would you do if Corey were your kid?

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  1. Laura Casey Says:

    Uhmmmmmm. Why isn’t he wearing a shirt?

  2. Tim Says:

    corey is a (expletive) little poof
    my friend had a party in february 2007 and 600 people turned up, as did riot police and kids were spread out amongst the whole suburb – that party was WAY better then any party this lil (expletive) poof could have

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